Thursday, October 28, 2010

I see dead people...I think.

Wow...I had a great morning today! First, I had a chance to flirt with a buxom and vivacious spirit who was hanging around the PST Studio and then I found out that I may have psychic abilities. You see, our favorite psychic, Dr. Lauren, was our guest today and in between answering a ton of questions from listeners, she also felt the presence of a few spirits in our studio. One was an older man who may have been Chris's great, great-grandfather. Another was a very creative gentleman who was related to Newman. The third was a bubbly woman whom Dr. Lauren described as "about 5"1' and very large in the chest." Naturally, this bubbly spirit hung out around me. (And by the way, I asked and she was not related to me, so it's okay that I playfully flirted with this lively ghoul. In fact, I think I can even call her my Boo!)

Dr. Lauren also told my that I was very intuitive and could possibly have some type of psychic abilities. I tried those abilities out later in the day and guess what? I think she's right. I may have a sixth sense. So if you have any questions that you'd like to have me away! I want to share my talent with the world!

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