Friday, December 10, 2010

New holiday favorites

I love all of the holiday music we're playing on the station right now. If you listen in the morning, you probably know that Last Christmas by Wham! and All I Want For Christmas by Mariah are two of my favorites. Both of those songs have been around for a while. In fact, Matt Sneed and I were just talking about how it seems like it's been a while since a new holiday classic has been released.

This year, there are two new holiday songs that I really like. The first one is Christmas Lights by Coldplay. Check it out below. Click here to check it out.

The other one is Shake Up Christmas by Train. Click here to listen. And here's one from last year. Where My Christmas Lives by 3 Doors Down. Click here.

What do you think? And do you have any recent favorites I should check out?


  1. No new faves, but could you please NEVER play Winter Winderland by the Eurythmics (sp?) ever again??? I change the station every time it's on ;-)


  2. I am obsessed with all things Christmas Music...

    The Best of the Year

    All of the Glee Christmas Soundtrack

    Wish List by Neon Trees

    Check out CD- Happy Christmas Volume 5...Especially the FM Static Cover of Mr Snow Miser!

    The new Marriah Carey is a bit of a let down except for Oh Santa...(But I do love that she refers to "All I want for Christmas" as the "extra festive edition!")

    Very Merry Christmas- Dave Barnes

    Peppermint Winter- Owl City

    Just to name a few...:)

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The 12 Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser! Please play it more often!!

  4. Mary...I just heard the Neon Trees song and I love it! I also like the Glee Xmas album a lot. And I agree about Mariah's album. I was a little disappointed.